FIDA Cameroon, LUKMEF and UNTF Together To End Violence against Women and Girls in Cameroon

The International Federation of Women Lawyers (FIDA) Cameroon announces with pride its latest achievement in the fight to end violence against women and girls in Cameroon which is a long term partnership with LUKMEF-Cameroon and the United Nations Trust Fund to End Violence against Women and Girls (UNTF)

The outcome of this partnership is an ongoing three year project titled building a community level agenda to end violence against women and girls in Cameroon. Thanks to this project FIDA Cameroon has successfully translated provisions of national and international legislation regulating and punishing violence against women and girls into twelve of Cameroon’s national languages.

FIDA Cameroon will also in the days ahead proceed to organize in six of Cameroons ten regions awareness raising campaigns on violence against women as human rights violations and the benefits of living in a community free of violence against women and girls. This activity shall be carried out through media programs, informative posters pasting and distribution of leaflets as well as organize training workshops for leaders of civil society organizations in the six regions specified in the project namely North West, South West, and Littoral, West, Centre and East regions.  A support program for these civil society organizations shall also be put in place for community based mobilization and the recruitment of men/boys into the HeForShe Campaign.

In collaboration with our partners we shall also establish (where absent) or reinforce (where available) six regional Zero tolerance networks of Community Based Organizations with multi-sector actors and provide training and support for about 200 CBO members.

FIDA Cameroon, LUKMEF-Cameroon and other partners are also working within this project’s framework on the publication of bi-annual zero tolerance newsletters. We look forward to collaborating with other members of the civil society in Cameroon for the achievement of this great task.

FIDA Cameroon and its partners continues in their relentless effort to empower strengthen the Cameroonian Women and girl child towards achieving their full potentials in a society free of all forms of violence and discrimination against women.

Together we are stronger.


FUNDERS: Urgent Action Fund (UAF) Africa

PROJECT: granted fund to FIDA Cameroon for the production of a publication on the situation of women in crisis and conflict using the particular case and conflict using the particular case of the Bali-Bawock conflict.

The grant funds were used for travelling from Limbe to Bawock village, conducting interviews, production of video CDS and printing and publication of documentation“theBawock woman after the crisis”

FUNDERS: Open Society Initiative for West Africa (OSIWA)

PROJECT: project on Civic education of the woman in the south west region (kumba)

Through the OSIWA supported legal aid clinic project, FIDA has been able to establish functional legal aid clinics in Limbe and kumba, where legal assistance in the form of information dissemination and counseling has been offered to more than 1500 disfavoured women. One key group was the muslim women who have been having access to such important services.

The project has also facilitated the placement of 250 women


PROJECT: Training of paralegals

The funded FIDA to train paralegals and two paralegal units were installed, one in the North West and another in the South West.

Through the project on training of paralegals supported by the gender development fund of the Canadian Cooperation in Cameroon, FIDA has been able to train and placed 38 paralegals from 32 areas within the North West region (NWR) AND South West Region (SWR) of Cameroon.

Through the above project, 2 paralegal aid clinics operated by the trained paralegals have been created in Tombel in the SWR and Wum in the NWR. These are serving both the rural and urban sectors.